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We are a Digital Marketing Agency helping brands & companies generate brand awareness and achieve their goals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about finding ways to work more creatively and build audiences & relationships. Content marketing is no longer the new kid on the block. Those who have caught on are no longer asking “should we do this,” but rather “how do
we really dig in and get results?” What differentiates content marketing to other forms of marketing is its intent is to offer valuable information so people want to hear from your business … so they subscribe to your content because they are interested in it.

We just love bringing ideas to life. Whether that be a photo, aerial footage or even just a video, we just love to tell the story. My name is Keith Hogan, I am an entrepreneur and I am one of the co founders of Havana Digital Media. There is no better feeling to us than telling stories through content marketing. When our clients come to us with their product or services, our goal is to convey a story that helps their ideal client avatar understand exactly how that product or service that is being offered is going to help them save time, money or just increase their business. That is what gets us up every single day.

We started in the skin and laser business and my role in the company at the time was to grow the company with world wide marketing and branding. Quickly realizing how important the internet would be with the likes of word press websites, video content and social media marketing, we start doing video productions specifically in and around the skin and laser business. It didn’t take long before other people in the industry where approaching us, asking us to work with them and help them create content marketing strategies that would help them attract the right clients. There where other people in the industry that also approached us and asked us to help some of their clients with the likes of blogging, social media, video marketing and story telling, and tying it all together with social media marketing to really drive traffic and create solid reliable leads.

So I partnered up with a good friend of mine who lives and breathes filming and editing, and he thought me everything I need to know in terms of video production and equipment.

We really started off with a small little office at the back off one our our three skin and laser locations in Dublin. In a really short space of time, we outgrew that location & withing months of starting up we found our new location in the heart of Dublin City Center in the IFSC. We have since then converted it into a state of the art video studio, equipped with editing bays, green screens and meeting rooms to discuss project with clients. We offer cinematic video production, magazine quality photo, SEO serviecs, modern web site and funnel designs and are always looking around the corner to see what is coming up to help us and our client generate more revenue. We are a content marketing company at the end of the day. We really focus on skin and laser clinics, the medical industry and now in 2018 we have branched into different sectors, where we will be working with the top real estate agents and brokers, tile companies and lenders. We will also be working with local restaurants and helping them bring their menu to life by the magic of video through story telling.

When we first launched this content marketing company we never realized that we would be working with some of the biggest billion dollar and blue chip companies in the world.

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Content Marketing | Ottershaw Healthcare Laser Clinic

We worked with Ottershaw Healthcare Laser Clinic to help promote their new services which they just introduced whilst also generating brand awareness for their clinic. As a result this video is now proudly displayed on their website. 

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