Top 5 Video Marketing Tips

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Top 5 Video Marketing Tips

The reason that video is so powerful is twofold. First, it allows you to tell a story very quickly, and in a way that consumers have been trained to enjoy through a culture of movie- and TV-watching. Second, it gives you the ability to connect to the viewer’s emotions, which helps users connect with your brand in a meaningful way. You can create videos with very specific intent, targeting specific audiences and getting specific reactions, in mere seconds. If you look online everyone will give you the generic tips you can use which are super useful, but here are 5 video marketing tips, that you might not see anywhere but are extremely useful that you can implement into your marketing strategy

Video Marketing Tips #1

Local optimization is always key. Accurately optimized videos can pull in local traffic, so always make sure to use the most relevant keywords possible. Always aim to put the location into the title of the video and a description of the video as this will help you acquire more traffic for a longer period of time

Video Marketing Tips #2

Never focus on selling. There is enough people selling both on and off the internet so don’t just use your videos for selling. Use your videos for solving your clients problems. The benefits you will get will be the ability to attract and retain an audience.

Video Marketing Tips #3

Create content. What is it you can actually teach your audience. Tips, tricks and how to videos are absolutely excellent because you get the ability to showcase your knowledge and also you are solving their problems.

Video Marketing Tips #4

Promote your brand. Take the approach of less is more. Either have a small watermark or your logo in one corner or subtly drop it in at either that start or end of the video. Worst thing you can do is over do it.

Video Marketing Tips #5

Spread your videos around. It is what social media is made for. Most people just upload a video to one platform, maybe YouTube or FaceBook but share it to what ever platforms you have access to. Embed your videos into your websites and blogs and any other places you can. This will help bring visitors to your website and keep them there more often which will reduce your bounce rate from your website. Use as many social and video sites as possible. And the big benefit is that most platforms are FREEEEEEEEEEE.

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Video Marketing | Grand Opening of The Grafton Barbers in Skerries

It is always a pleasure working with the guys from The Grafton Barbers, the biggest barbering chain in Ireland, and the goal for this project was to generate awareness of their no franchise shop.

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